Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

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Scranton Animal Supply House

In support of rescues and shelters

Scranton Animal Supply House (SASH) is an all-volunteer organization established in 2017. SASH collects high-volume quality pet food and supplies, then channels the goods to shelters and rescues in Lackawanna County, throughout northeastern and all of Pennsylvania, as well as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland. 

SASH operates primarily on in-kind hours of its founders and a volunteer crew, individual monetary donations, and modest handling fees from shelters and rescues that collect pet food and supplies from the SASH warehouse.


Keeping Animals Out of Shelters

In support of individuals 

In a perfect world, all animals would have a home and there would be no need for shelters. In support of this vision, we aim to keep companion animals in their homes by providing financial support for veterinary care to financially disadvantaged individuals who may not otherwise be able to keep their pets. 

Support for this initiative comes from fundraising events and individual donations. SASA provided assistance for 175 animals in 2019.

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Feral Colony Care

In support of feral cats

Although feral cats may not ever sit on our laps and live in our homes, they still hold a place in our hearts. They deserve the same care and respect as our companion pets, and we support this vision through food donations, medical care, and importantly, trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs. TNR programs provide a humane and proven method for reducing pet overpopulation by reducing the number of sexually mature cats through spay and neuter, while continuing to care for cats already living in feral colonies.


Education & Outreach

In support of the community

Our organization is comprised of dedicated animal lovers who are knowledgeable in a number of animal welfare subjects, including trap-neuter-return (TNR), socialization, behavior issues, and general care advice. We are happy to help both pet owners and non-pet owners alike navigate a range of topics, just reach out to us!